Licence to Coach

Please check your ‘licence to coach’ card to see when renewal is due.

All the cards issued by the PAA will be superseded by the ADB scheme – the PAA will no longer issue licences.

This will ensure that all coaches hold the same validation.

The PAA is committed to accepting into membership coaches who meet all of these requirements and hold the ADB ‘licence to coach’. All coaching courses now deliver the UKCC courses and new coaches will automatically gain an ADB ‘licence to coach’.

However, everyone acknowledges that historically, coaches have qualified through a variety of perfectly valid courses and that there is a need to upgrade that qualification to the UKCC standard. This ensures that all practicing coaches have attained the same standards of training.

For this reasons, the ADB will carry out a ‘mapping exercise’ for each coach to highlight the differences between his or her existing qualification and the UKCC qualification and what ‘bridging process’ is required, if any. There is a modest cost for this process but grants are available to help coaches (and it should be possible to upgrade your existing coaching qualification at little or no cost).

Our aim is to help members with this process so that, by 31st August 2011, all PAA members hold the UKCC qualification.  It is our intention to ensure that the ADB ‘licence to coach’ is a PAA membership requirement after that date.

Details of the process can be obtained from the PAA Administrator and on the ADB website, which can be accessed at:

It is important that members remember that your existing qualification remains – you worked hard for it and no-one can (or is trying to) take it from you. Neither is the process described above based on the UKCC qualification being better (or worse) than your existing qualification; it is just different.

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