Making it all worthwhile

Hand holding a fish

A student holds a small fish caught during a free PAA taster session

You’ve spent the week getting up at dawn, falling into bed past midnight with barely time to shower and eat. To cap it all, we’re having a mini heatwave and the mozzies are biting something fierce. Then one night you check your inbox to see this:

I just wanted to say thank you for giving my nephew Ben his first fishing lesson on Saturday. He was absolutely taken with it all, which I must admit I was surprised at as he’s such an active boy. I think the thing that made the difference was you showing an interest him him and quietly enthusing about fishing. I was really taken by the emphasis on the welfare of the fish, and much to the amazement of my friends am going to buy a fishing rod etc (from a ‘proper’ shop this time) and have a go myself. I was also struck by the friendliness of everybody we met over the weekend.

I don’t think we’ll be able to come back for a little while due to various commitments but I’m planning to return with Ben as soon as possible.

Once again, many thanks.


Makes it all worthwhile, eh?

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