EPFFA River Fly Fishing Championships 2015 by Iain Fraser

The River Ure in North Yorkshire is a river I knew nothing about except that it was reported to be an excellent grayling water.

I travelled up with Bob my old fishing mate of 40 odd years and arrived in the outskirts of Layburn about 2pm in the afternoon. We found the river and had a scouting foray and were pleasantly surprised to find a falling river and signs of a few fish rising although we could not identify what the fish were rising to.

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A Threat to Our Fisheries

How can we as coaches help the stop of Invasive Non Native Species? By John Blewitt. The simple answer is, on our own we can’t, but we can help to cut down on the spread. By following some simple routines, we can help to cut down on the risk of spreading these “beasties”.

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